Introducing Intel® 3D NAND SSDs

The Intel® 3D NAND SSD family of products are uniquely designed for a broad set of applications. Built on breakthrough 3D NAND and delivered by a proven and trusted supplier, Intel® 3D NAND SSDs transform the economics of storage. Learn more about each product series

> Personal use: Intel® SSD 600p series

> Business client: Intel® SSD Pro 6000p series

> Data center: Intel® SSD DC P3520, DC P3100, and DC S3520 series

> Embedded: Intel® SSD E 6000p,> and E 5420s series

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Solid State Drives Give You Rock-Solid Performance

There are no moving parts to solid state drives (SSDs). By contrast, hard disk drives (HDD) use a mechanical arm to move around and read information from a spinning platter. In addition, SSDs use non-volatile memory which simply means that when the memory is turned off it won’t “forget” what was stored.

So, if you want storage that leads the pack for performance, stability, and efficiency, a Solid State Drive (SSD) should be your pick.

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Leading Tomorrow's Innovations

Intel’s 1000+ researchers lead the industry in developing new memory technology breakthroughs, including creating the first commercial solid state drive, and now, building the world’s fastest SSD today. Discover the story behind Intel’s two latest disruptive technologies, 3D NAND und 3D XPointmemory.

Explore SSDs with NVMe*

Imagine being able to access your data faster than ever before. Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in memory technology—Non-Volatile Memory Express* specification (NVMe*) and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express* (PCIe*)— SSDs can access data much faster than using SATA.2 And the soon-to-launch Intel® Optane Solid State Drives feature breakthrough 3D XPoint technology that enables blazing-fast speeds, lower prices and enhanced endurance. Get ready to take advantage of these new advances by upgrading to PCIe* technology now.

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Help Me Choose

Not sure where to start? Use our tool to help you choose the right form factors and capacities to give you reliable, responsive storage performance that suits your needs.

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